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Welcome to the Blog!

Shello Fishes! And welcome to the brand new Joliet Mermaid blog! Here you can read about all the fun things going on in the crazy world of the Joliet Mermaid!

Let's start off with some fun news! I've got an updated logo! This absolutely gorgeous new logo was created by my mer-sister Bianca (@adriftwoodmermaid on Instagram), and she even incorporated my original logo created a couple years ago by another mer-sister of mine Kat (@katgannonart on Instagram)!

Merchandise Coming Soon!

The best part about this new updated logo art is that with it, comes merchandise!! You will soon be able to rock a Joliet Mermaid T-shirt, or maybe even leggings, or even just slap a Joliet Mermaid sticker on your Mermaid Straw water bottle!! There will also be a free coloring page!

Which of these designs would you prefer?? and on what??

What can you look forward to on the blog?

Well, all kinds of stuff! You'll hear about amazing photoshoots (and even get to see the pictures before they get posted on Instagram or Facebook!), hear about mermaid trips, and events, and I may even throw in a few makeup tips (have you checked out my latest YouTube makeup video?!)

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