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Mermaid Sushi

Mermaid Sushi comes from the Great Lakes hometown of Lake Michigan. 

In her years of living in these midwest waters, she has made many inland visits to explore Chicago. She has grown to love all the human folk who live here, especially their love for holiday celebrations. Mermaid Sushi thinks Halloween is the absolute best one because she can visit in whatever form she wants, especially in her alter ego Siren Fiamma


Beyond visiting the drylands, Mermaid Sushi loves her travels to visit fellow mermaids across the US and have lots of different water adventures. If Mermaid Sushi had to pick a favorite so far, she would say swimming with the Florida mermaids in the freshwater springs because the water clarity is just absolutely stunning!


Regardless if Mermaid Sushi is in water or on land, she’s excited to continually grow in making swimming safe for all. That includes her human friends that want to swim just like a mermaid. Currently, Sushi has her CPR certification and has completed FinFun’s University training to be a mermaid swim instructor. Her future goals are to get her PADI certification.


In human form, she has spent most of her time involved in various types of performance arts. She specializes in themed costuming, so if you are looking for a mythical, horror, clown, steampunk, pirate, renaissance, mardi gras, and much more…. just reach out to ask!


Follow Mermaid Sushi in all of her performance appearances and travels adventures on Instagram as @mermaidsushichicago or email her at

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