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Mermaid Alanna


Mermaid Alanna is a friendly and adventurous mermaid from the North

Sea. She has traveled far and wide to be with her new friends and share

her love for storytelling.

She is the author of a wonderful book called "The Wee Mermaid and the

Star". Which is an interactive coloring storybook that is a gentle reminder

for children of all ages that they are not alone, that they are heard, and that

they are truly loved.

Apart from being an author, Mermaid Alanna is also a talented entertainer

who offers mermaid-themed birthday parties for children of all ages. Her

parties include fun activities such as mermaid puppet crafting, which not

only sparks children's imagination and creativity but also helps develop

their fine motor skills.

You can catch Mermaid Alanna and her pirate helper at the Yearly Fairy

Festival in Elgin, as well as other events where she shares her Merstory

time and mergames. You can also check out her amazing storybook on the


Stay tuned for upcoming exciting news on her social media!

Instagram: @mermaid_alannastoryteller


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