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Mermaid Aramae on the beach with a big smile

Mermaid Aramae
Bell City Mermaid

Mermaid Aramae was born in the wetlands of Wisconsin along the Root River. She enjoys spending time her her 'hometown' of Racine, Wisconsin when not exploring and entertaining in Chicago, Illinois. A professional mermaid and mermaid instructor she has been performing at children's parties, festivals, and community events for over 5 years now. 

She is proud to boast that she is a PADI-certified mermaid. If you are interested in wetland education Mermaid Aramae loves to visit events and homes with her partner; Brandon in the woods, to educate children and adults on the biodiversity and importance of her beloved wetlands! 

Outside of mermaiding, Aramae is a circus performer and has her own stage show; which she has performed all over the midwest since 2013. She spends the chilly winters and falls as a school teacher at the high school level. 

If you'd like to find Mermaid Aramae online you can catch her on Facebook, 
Instagram, Online, and through email.

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