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Mermaid Emily
The Joliet Mermaid

Mermaid Emily was raised in the crystal clear waters of the Florida Springs, and over the years has made her way north to the cool waters of Lake Michigan and its surrounding rivers.

Mermaid Emily also doubles as "Mermaid Princess" and Bellflower the fairy. If you are interested in these services, let us know in the "Other Event Details" of the Book Online page.

She has her Mermaid certification through PADI as well as SSI, which covers a variety of swimming skills in and out of tail, and basic rescue techniques done in tail.


Human Emily has spent her entire career making celebrations amazing, including 7 years as an administrative volunteer with Icing Smiles, a charitable organization that provides dream birthday cakes to children with critical illnesses and their siblings. From theme parks to professional cake decorating and instruction to harnessing the magic of the sea and becoming a mermaid, Emily has been bringing smiles to the faces of children and adults alike for over 20 years!

She is also the owner and founder of Windy City Mermaids and the Windy City Mermaid School, and founder of the Windy City Merfolk Pod!

You can find Mermaid Emily on Facebook as Emily The Joliet Mermaid and on Instagram as @mermaid.emily!

In 2021, she was crowned Monarch of the Lake by Mermaid At Any Age, an organization focused on inclusivity, water safety, and aquatic conservation. In 2023, she was crowned Ocean Ambassador and has become a member of the board.

Mermaid Emily is also an Ambassador for several brands, including Mermaid Straw and Emily Alexandra Cosmetics. You can find her discount codes on our Affiliations page!

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